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EOCP Leadership Change

Dear Board Members and Operators,

The past year and a half has brought meaningful change to EOCP.   Together, we have worked hard to deliver increased access to information, respond more quickly to your applications, and implement innovative programs and services. It has been a pleasure and privilege to serve as Executive Director with EOCP, and it is with mixed feelings that I advise you of my resignation effective October 2, 2015. While the EOCP Board searches for new leadership, there is a clear plan in place with professional support to continue to progress and deliver on the current projects and milestones.

I would like to sincerely thank Mike Gosselin and each one of the EOCP Board Directors for their genuine and on-going commitment to the certification program, and their focus on better supporting the career needs of Operators and the staffing needs of owners.

I am grateful to the many Operators, employers and instructors who have I have had the opportunity and pleasure to work with. My first and lasting impression is that you are a passionate and dedicated community who have been very supportive of the EOCP’s actions in making our processes more consistent, transparent, and Operator focussed. I can honestly say that you are an amazingly open, welcoming, and generous group of professionals. I thank you for your willingness to step up and contribute, and want to take this opportunity to remind you of all that your vision and expertise helped accomplish over the last year.

  • Web based exams – You can now write exams more often and closer to home; focus on one question at a time, write exams with a better overall experience; and best of all, there is no more waiting for results – they are available right away
  • Increased two-way communication – we are using email to send you more updates and reminders so you can be proactive and stay In Good Standing.
  • More personal and face-to-face communication – EOCP staff and Board Directors have and will continue to come out to meet you at your facilities/systems, at public and industry events, and information sessions. We have made a conscious effort to visit your facilities to meet you in person, answer your questions and concerns, and hear about your experiences and your needs.
  • Design an all new classification model with preparation underway for a pilot project this fall.
  • New draft guidelines and processes for Direct Responsible Charge aimed at removing a known roadblock to you gaining higher levels of certification.
  • Updated definitions for Water Distribution and Water Treatment to better recognize the contribution experience of Operators who perform more than one role and allow increased access to gain certification in more than one discipline.
  • Improved response times for your applications for certification.
  • Easier to understand information on our website and real time information on the EOCP database when you view your current Operator & CEU status.
  • E-AGM that allows Operators from across the BC and Yukon to participate.

Each of these initiatives have the right people and plans in place to continue to deliver on the overall objective of serving you better, and I’m confident that I leave EOCP in good shape.

Thank you again, and my sincere best wishes for the future,

Ashifa Dhanani


2015 Dues Renewal

The dues renewal reminder for 2015 has been emailed, or mailed to all EOCP Operators. If you haven't completed your on-line renewal yet, or are still waiting for Canada Post click here open the membership renewal form

New Definitions for Water Treatment and Distribution

The EOCP Board of Directors, with the approval of the Ministry of Health, has recently made a change to the definition of a water treatment facility
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BC Water Sector Workforce Profile Study


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